In the last installment of Elsewhere this first season of , our hosts interview three North American students in their 20s and 30s about what home means to them. Then Cassidy and Nora delves into the tricky topic of homesickness sparked by smells and the people and food their interviewees missed. Listeners will also hear about a variety of coping strategies.

The fourth episode of Elsewhere shares other perceptions on cultural difference while looking at expectations Americans have of German culture. They cover drinking beer, soccer, and ‘entertaining’ stereotypes Americans have of Germans. The conversation becomes more serious when the topic shifts to the legacy of German and American history.

The focus of this episode of Elsewhere takes a look at different stages of culture shock while sharing two Americans’ insights into cultural differences. Among other aspects of German culture, listeners will learn what slippers and university life have to do with culture shock. In the end, Joelina and Kathleen uncover that culture shock may not only be negative after all.

The second episode of Elsewhere compares the experiences of a professional American singer and performer who has lived in Germany for many years and with those of two American students. There is much to be discovered about integration and adaptation, but listeners will have to stay tuned to find out what exactly dogs have to do with those processes.

The first episode of Elsewhere investigates the challenges students face when moving to a different culture. Lara and Carina additionally explore first impressions of North American students who moved to Germany and the opportunities of going abroad.

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